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Business Management

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Business Management


Are you feeling the pressure? Does your business need a fresh pair of eyes? Are there not enough hours in the day? If the answer is yes it sounds like you need an outstanding independent business strategy consultant!

At Click Through Digital we provide clients business consultancy services either on an interim basis or as a long-term solution. Our business management consultancy always has clear aims and objectives set, specific targets to achieve this gives clients a transparent consultancy service that delivers results no matter what the brief.

Our business management services cover a wide range of

Business Strategy & Strategic Planning

We all have priorities and goals and ensuring a business has clear objectives set is critical. If you have clear and precise objectives and goals already set, then great we will work with them but if you don’t it’s not a problem as we can help you develop some clear objectives to move forward or grow your business. Having a solid business strategy is key to a successful business. A strategic plan is often essential for company growth and success and a well thought out and structured plan will lead and direct the company to achieving its defined goals and objectives. A strategic plan often includes elements such as a vision statement, company core values, clear objectives, clear accountability for all aspects, regular results measuring with chosen KPI’s. We can look at the whole plan for you or just elements of it whatever you need.

Recruitment / Skills gap analysis / Talent Management

Staffing, and getting the right staff are often one of businesses biggest issues. Often devouring precious time and resource away from essential tasks. If your company needs some help or just a fresh pair of eyes to sort out your recruitment or staffing issues, such as skills gaps, retaining staff and correct promotion. We can help you with all of these, call us to chat through your needs. Our skills gap analysis usually involves some time, defining the skills and level of knowledge needed to carry out a role, we would then look at the current persons skills levels. This will identify the gap if any and allow us to generate a plan of action to implement in order to reduce the skills gap this is nearly always done working closely with the personnel.

Training Provision / Educational Development

Do you need to implement training or further education for your team? We can work with you and your team to establish your businesses needs and deliver relevant training courses as required or we can create bespoke training packages to perfectly match specific needs. We have specialist trainers to issue digital courses such as:

  • An Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Masterclass
  • An Introduction to SEO
  • An Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite

We also have access to a team of additional training providers who cover many other subjects.

Let us help you with your business strategy & planning

We will work with you to meet your objectives. Call us today for a No-Obligation informal chat

Sales Growth

The Sales Growth of a business is the rate at which its sales are growing in a year A company who is not growing can get overtaken by competitors and left behind. A sales growth plan will look at direction, time, objectives, team work, cost, communication, review, planning and motivation. For any company looking to grow their sales a measurable and realistic strategy/plan is crucial. If your plan is floating around in your head and you need it clarifying and presenting let us know we would love to help on the other hand if you need a full sales growth plan devising lets talk and get the ball rolling! We love to get things back on track sharpening tactics and helping companies like yours smash targets.


Setting sales targets is very important, they help keep you and your team focused on what needs to be achieved. It should be classed as a sales tool and can be used to measure and forecast opportunities. Being specific and having realistic sales targets will help you and your sales team perform confidently, always having a clear understanding of expectations. Choosing the right type of target is crucial sometimes involving team members at this stage will give them a better understanding of the targets which will in turn help you achieve sales goals and grow your profits.

IT Management

This is the management of technology resources and associated staff making sure these are optimised for your business is crucial and can improve business processes and communication as well enforcing best practises. Sometimes companies don’t know where to start with this, we can help and guide you through the process to ensure that the best IT solutions for your business are being used.

Marketing Management

If you know the importance of marketing but have no team in place or your current team need some direction, we can help get a fully functioning marketing strategy and plan in place.

We can look at market analysis and research, help set your marketing goals, out strategies, policies and procedures in place as well as planning and implementing promotional campaigns, co-ordinating with your sales team, we will develop new strategies and organise the resources to execute them. We look after all things marketing so why not give us a call and see how we can help your business grow.

Project Management

So, whether your project is big or small, if you need help with, planning, controlling and managing projects from start to completion we can help. It may be that your team are too busy to take on the project, we will work alongside any staff members and can act as an extension to your team. Once briefed we will decide on the right procedure for the project, working through all aspects so no stone is left uncovered.

Policies & Procedures

These are a set of guidelines, rules produced by a company to influence decisions and actions that take place within the company, they’re normally designed and put in place to help meet their long-term goals. Companies often need policies and procedures updating or implementing, we can help you with these, it may be just communication of these or full implementing from start to finish. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Digital Strategy

Are you just dipping your toe in the water when it comes to digital marketing? So many are and are unsure of what direction to move forward with.
Digital Marketing is our passion and is so important in today’s market. We can guide you through the maze of digital marketing options, so you have a complete and robust digital marketing plan in place. We will help you plan and develop an appropriate strategy that is perfectly suited for your business and will push and take your business to the next level

Interim Management

If you just need to use us for of knowledge and experience for a short period of time we offer interim management. Our clients who use us for this have seen benefits such as speed of delivery, knowledge and experience, clarity and objectiveness. So, whether it’s to bring in new team members, reinforce a project, fill a skills gap, or something else just give us a call to see how we will be able to help with your company’s needs.

Let us help you with your business strategy & planning

We will work with you to meet your objectives. Call us today for a No-Obligation informal chat

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Here are some of the brands that we’ve helped in our short history.

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“We’ve had a great experience with Click Through Digital. Steve’s marketing knowledge and thorough understanding of our brands has given us great and tangible results across all our websites leading to a direct increase in sales.”

Richard Potter, Managing Director | Ena Shaw Ltd

“Click Through Digital have moved our website and online marketing forward significantly after having had a couple of bad experiences with other agencies. We are delighted to have finally found a partner that knows what they are doing and have delivered what they said they would. Our confidence in the sector has been restored.” 

Chris Craddock, Director | Symfact AG

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