How to attract more readers to your blogs

Blog posts aren’t just thereto provide good Search engine optimisation (SEO), they also provide a great way to impart information and industry insights to your clients and customers. Having resources such as a blog page on your website can help your business no matter what your sector.

Having said that, how do you get blogs like this one out there? How do you attract more readers to your blogs? Having interesting and engaging content is irrelevant if no-one is reading it!

It all comes back to SEO.

Why blog SEO is important for your business

Blog posts are a great way to update your content with fresh and unique information. Search engine bots love content that readers will not be able to find elsewhere, which is why they prioritise in-depth articles. As a result, you are likely to feature higher on the a search engine results page.

Getting your website higher up a search engine’s ranking can have a direct impact on site visibility, generating leads and boosting sales.

What blog content should you include to attract readers

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to blog writing. Your content needs to be personalised to match your business and industry. Although doing ‘themed’ blog posts are fun and can be a good way to capitalise on the current time of year or particular celebration, you should still be mindful of imparting useful knowledge to the reader to maximise the usefulness of the blog post.

Finding the right topic to write about is key to attracting readers, after all, there is a wealth of information already available on the internet. We would always advise aiming for your target audience and addressing the most common questions and pain points that they have regarding your type of industry. By focussing on the subjects that are important to your audience, not only are you more likely to attract more readers to your blog but search engines are more likely to view you as an authority on the chosen subjects and will push you further up the search rankings.

As search engines prioritise original content, your blogs should not simply be a rip-off of a competitor! They are cracking down on plagiarism and recycled content. So always aim for a fresh perspective, fresh writing and aim to provide value for your reader. Remember, readers are more likely to turn into customers or clients if they gain something from your blog posts.

Use an easy-to-read blog format

There are few things more disheartening than asking a question on the internet, finding a blog post that you think may have the information or answer you need, only to discover that it is an entire page of solid copy.

In the modern world, time is of the essence and combined with most people viewing websites on their tablets or smartphones, neither of which are conducive to giant pages of text, how you present your content can attract or put off a reader.

Formatting your blog posts correctly may seem like a small thing but it can make a huge difference to the communication between your business and your reader.

Smaller chunks of texts are easier to read and absorb and sub-headings can help your reader find the information they need quickly and easily. Other in-blog formats that make your blog more readable are:

  • Numbered process steps
  • Listicles
  • Bullet points
  • Infographics

By breaking up your text, your reader is more likely to continue reading. Images are also a great way to break up blog text and can provide a great visual tool that keeps your reader interested. Just remember, choose images that highlights the text to help get your message across.

Research, research, research

Researching your competitors and the keywords you need to include within your blog posts is essential to gaining more readers. Optimising your blog content with keywords is a vital element of SEO. Finding the correct keywords or phrases to write your copy around will increase your chances of your blog appearing in the search results when a reader types it into a search engine, so your keywords need to be thoroughly researched.

There are many online tools you can use to do this, for example, here at Click Through, we use SEMrush, however, you can type specific key phrases catered for your business into any search engine and view the results to get a broader idea of what you need to be adding into your content. Popular keywords are likely to have more competition, so make sure that your blog answers any key question thoroughly to improve your SEO.

Use both broad and more specific keywords based on your research and analysis of the terms and their search volume to increase your readers.

Another research element which needs to be addressed when writing and creating blog posts is competitor research. Knowing what type of blogs your competitors are writing can give you the inspiration needed to write more detailed and better blog posts.

Creating original and more informative blog posts than your competitors is likely to help you rank better for the industry keywords you share, giving you a boost inwhat can sometimes be crowded digital markets.

Promote your blog posts on social media

Social media is a huge part of any marketing strategy and using your blogs as part of your social media campaign is an effective way of getting your blog “out there”.

Promoting your blog via social posts can be an excellent way of attracting the readers that are specifically your target audience. Giving your readers a direct link to your blog post is more likely to get them interested in reading it, especially if your title addresses a problem or question that is frequently asked.

So, don’t forget to include your blog posts as part of your social media content!


Ultimately, to attract more readers to your blogs, make sure you answer whatever question you think your reader may be asking. Informative, detailed and easily readable blogs with a good range of keywords aligned to your business will always do better from both an SEO perspective and are more likely to convert your readers into customers.

If you are interested in outsourcing your content writing, then we can help. Here at Click Through Digital we are experts in knowing what works for your business and offer a range of copywriting services. Get in touch with us today on 01609 590035 or email us at [email protected]

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