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Hello there, awesome business owners and marketing maestros! 👋 Are you ready to take a look into the world of email automation and give your online sales a boost? With a little magic from email automation and some insider tips from us here at Click Through Digital, you’re about to start something that could transform your e-commerce game.

What is Email Automation? 🤷‍♀️

If you’re entirely new to email automation, then here is a quick rundown: it’s a powerful marketing strategy that involves sending timely, relevant, and personalised emails to customers based on specific triggers or actions they take.

This can range from welcoming new subscribers to following up on abandoned shopping baskets. Unlike manual email campaigns, email automation is set up once and runs automatically, saving time and ensuring consistent communication with your audience.

Email Automation: Your New Best Friend

Imagine this: emails that send themselves, reaching out to your customers with the right message at just the right time. That’s email automation for you – a brilliant way to connect with your audience without lifting a finger (well, after you’ve set it all up!). It’s like having a super-efficient, tireless team member who knows exactly what your customers need to hear and when they need to hear it.

Why We Love Email Automation (And You Should, Too!) 😍

  • More Love from Your Customers – Tailored, personal emails? Yes, please! Your customers will feel like you’re speaking directly to them, leading to higher engagement and affection for your brand.
  • Save Time, Save Money – Set up your email campaigns once, and let them run their course automatically. It’s like putting your marketing efforts on autopilot while you focus on other areas of your business.
  • Build Lasting Relationships – Consistent, relevant emails make your customers feel valued and keep them coming back for more.
  • Turn Those Maybes Into Definitelys – With emails triggered by customer behaviour, you’re more likely to nudge those on-the-fence shoppers into making a purchase.

Click Through Digital Tips on How to Use Email Automation to Boost Online Sales 🛍

These are our top tips for how to use email automation!

📣 Email Automation Tip 1. The Warmest Welcome Emails

First impressions count, right? Kick things off with a friendly welcome email that showcases your brand’s personality, offers a great deal, or simply says a big, warm “hello!”

Welcome emails are like the digital equivalent of a cosy handshake or a cheerful wave. They are also known for having high open rates, making them a perfect opportunity to engage and convert new customers.

📣 Email Automation Tip 2. Rescue Abandoned Carts

We’ve all been there – a cart full of goodies left behind. Send a gentle nudge (or two) to remind your customers about their abandoned treasures. A little push, maybe with a tempting offer or discount, can work wonders in turning those almost-sales into purchases!

📣 Email Automation Tip 3. Keep the Good Vibes Rolling Post-Purchase

Just made a sale? Great! Now’s the perfect time to send an email saying “thanks” and suggest some other items that might tickle their fancy. It’s like saying, “We thought you might like these too!” It’s also an excellent way to improve customer experience.

📣 Email Automation Tip 4. Re-engage!

Not all customers who sign up will stay active. Got some customers who’ve gone MIA? A cheerful “We miss you!” automated re-engagement email for subscribers who haven’t interacted with your business for a set period can reignite their interest in your brand. Throw in a special offer, and you just might win back their hearts (and their business).

📣 Email Automation Tip 5. Tailor-Made Conversations

Everyone likes feeling special, right? Segment your audience and tailor your messages to match their preferences, behaviours, and purchase history. It’s like having a personal chat with each customer, making them feel like the special person they are and increasing the relevance and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Tools and Best Practices

It wouldn’t be a blog post if we didn’t point out the best practices for email automation! Several tools can help you set up email automation, such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. (Other platforms are available!) When creating your automation, remember to:

  • Keep your emails mobile and tablet friendly.
  • Use eye-catching subject lines.
  • Personalise the email content.
  • Test different emails to see what works best.
  • Start small, measure your results, and continually optimise your approach to see the best returns on your email automation efforts.

The Click Through Digital Touch 🤝

At Click Through Digital, we’re all about making your email marketing as easy and effective as possible. With the right tools and a sprinkle of creativity from our marketing team, we’ll help you set up email campaigns that not only look great on any device but also hit the mark every time.

So, are you ready to make email automation your new best friend? With a bit of help from us, you’ll be well on your way to creating lasting relationships with your customers and watching those sales soar.

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