13 Instagram Algorithm Strategies For 2024

📱What is an Instagram algorithm? 

Algorithms are made up of parameters, rules, signals and data that determine how content is filtered, ranked, selected and recommended to users on social media platforms. 

📈 Why do social media algorithms matter?

Algorithms influence what we see on social media. What you are served on a social platform will be different to what the next person is served. This is because social media algorithms typically serve users content that is similar to what they have been previously interacting with. 

🔎Social platforms also double up as search engines so using the right keywords has never mattered more.

How to understand social algorithms

No channel’s algorithm is the same, and knowing what an algorithm is currently favouring takes both experimentation and experience. 🧪

NO ONE truly knows how to ‘hack’ an algorithm, but each channel will reward you and serve your content more when you use it how it wants you to use it. Each channel’s algorithm will differ.

For example, Instagram’s algorithm is currently hyper-personalised, whereas TikTok is more experimental and the platform will throw more random videos your way that don’t correlate with what you usually watch. Opposite to content having a short-life span, YouTube’s algorithm leverages its archives and serves videos from years ago to its users. 📹

It’s important to note that they also perpetually shift, so just when you think you’ve cracked it, you have to change your game again. 🎲

How to get my Instagram content seen more?

To be favourable to a social algorithm you have absolutely got to adopt the culture of the platform and utilise its features and formats. Merely posting a graphic made on Canva isn’t going to do it anymore. You will also be penalised for cross-posting, e.g., recycling a TikTok video with watermark as an Instagram reel (they know!) Here are 13 strategies adopted to 2014 that are proving beneficial on Instagram at the moment. 

Instagram algorithm strategies 💡

1. Take a lead from what’s on Explore pages and FYP. For example, Instagram’s Explore page is reel-dominated, showing us that if you post reels, you’re more likely to get discovered, because this is the format the app is prioritising. Video should dominate your content output on Instagram, as the channel is in competition with TikTok. 🎬

2. The bigger the better – take up as much screen-space as possible e.g. post in a 9:16 format over 1:1. 📱

3. Always leverage creative enhancement tools, such as text, filter, effects and subtitles. Instagram will reward you for using its features and experimenting. The creator economy on social is huge, which is what Instagram wants – so get creating. 🖌️

4. Jump on trends and make them relevant to your business to be immersed in trend bubbles – BUT create original content and be creative – don’t base your entire social strategy on following the trends. Don’t be a week late to trends either, the trick to success is capitalising on them in their infancy. ⏰

5. Stay updated on new features Instagram launches and utilise them e.g,. Instagram’s collaboration tool and broadcast channels – this is what the platforms want! Adopt them straight away e.g. partner with an influencer or another company and use the collab tool to get in front of their audience. 👀

6. Use your insights to gather when your audience is most active and prioritise posting at these times. Be consistent with your posting – whether that’s showing up 3x per week or every day. 📈

7. Prioritise reactive content over planned. It’s about being reactive, agile and quick on social media now, rather than planned and slow. 🔥

8. Use engagement stickers on your stories – when people interact with you on Stories, you’re more likely to pop up to them again because the algorithm serves you more of what you consume. 💍

9. Keywords in captions are a no-brainer nowadays – social media platforms are doubling up as search engines. 🔍

10. Do your comment generated reach – if you’re not conversing with other people, you’re not going to be rewarded – social is meant to be social! Become besties with other people in your niche. Community management is non-negotiable, your content can be the best in the world but you’ll have no organic reach if you’re not interacting across the platform. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

11. Trending sounds/audio are a no brainer – layer them and use them with your content to get into trend bubbles, increase your relevance and enhance your discoverability. 🎶

12. Have an always-on attitude to stories, one every 24 hours minimum to maintain top-of-feed presence. ⏰

13. Remember not everything you post is going to be a hit. What is a success will depend on your niche and your industry. Stop doing what you’ve always done and start experimenting.  🧪

Lastly, always be yourself! Audiences are not daft. ✨

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