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Conversion Optimisation

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Conversion Rate Optimisation


Your website may have all the traffic in the world, but if it doesn’t convert that traffic into cash then what’s the point? So, conversion rate optimisation is really important because it generates more sales from the same amount of traffic you’re currently receiving. We will help optimise the user journey and customer experience to ensure your visitors are ordering from you.

Understanding that even if you have a brochure website it should still be generating sales leads for you that ultimately ends up as cash in the bank. We’ll make your website traffic work harder for you with a simplified and recordable journey. So, you can enjoy more return on investment and a better conversion rate…. What’s not to Love!

We have seen some of our client’s conversion rates double if you are looking to increase your click conversion rate call us to find out how you can.

Split A/B Testing

Is very simple but is a great way to maximise performance it allows us to compare two different versions of a web page it is done to test which one works better with then the best performance will then become the norm. It may be a different title or a different design, different form layout, different call to action that is tested but it is only ever one difference that we test at a time, so you can be sure at the results are accurate and because of the change.

Multi-Variant Testing

This is where we would test a combination of changes on a webpage in order to find the best performing result. The benefits are staying ahead and keeping the conversion rate increasing.

Google Optimise

is a solution for a/b testing that uses Google analytics data to identify key segments and audiences which allows advanced targeting and reporting. It plugs into your website and allows you to experiment in different ways. It also has a great editor and reporting functions. Using Google Optimise can grow and develop your conversion rates and your profit. An example of how this could work would be if 1,000 people visit your web page per month, and 2% of these people convert and place an order of £50 each, this will bring in a revenue total of £1,000. But, if Google Optimise is used to improve the conversion rate to 3%, those 1,000 visitors will then bring in a total of £1,500 so, the 1% increase in conversion rate has produced an extra £500 per month in revenue from the same traffic.

Increase sales with our conversion rate optimisation

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“We’ve had a great experience with Click Through Digital. Steve’s marketing knowledge and thorough understanding of our brands has given us great and tangible results across all our websites leading to a direct increase in sales.”

Richard Potter, Managing Director | Ena Shaw Ltd

“Click Through Digital have moved our website and online marketing forward significantly after having had a couple of bad experiences with other agencies. We are delighted to have finally found a partner that knows what they are doing and have delivered what they said they would. Our confidence in the sector has been restored.” 

Chris Craddock, Director | Symfact AG

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