Our Ins and Outs of Marketing in 2024

We’re now coming towards the end of our second month in 2024 (HOW?!) giving us more clarity on how the marketing landscape will unfold throughout the rest of the year. 🔍

Doing marketing in 2024 means trying to keep up with the ever-evolving world of digital marketing and its fast-paced trends, which is both exhausting and confusing. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of some emerging and re-emerging trends that look to dominate in the Year of the Dragon! 🐉

1. Short-form Video Takes the Throne 🎬

In 2024, static imagery is so last season! You should use short-form video for everything digital marketing, ideally sprinkled with humour and on-trend vibes. Why? Because short videos are quicker to digest, readily shareable, quick to put together and you have an actual nano second to captivate a scroller. 

Attention spans conquered, engagement won!

2. AI Utilised In-House 🤖

2023 laid the groundwork, but 2024 sees AI taking the throne. Daily releases of new models, such as Google’s new AI tool Gemini (formerly known as Bert, then BARD), AI creating more AI, and social platforms dancing with the tech – it’s an AI fiesta!

3. VR and AR Resurrected 👓

Thanks to Apple’s Vision Pro, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are back in the limelight, and these immersive technologies are regaining traction. In fact, according to HubSpot, 84% of marketers plan on investing into leveraging VR and AR in 2024. From virtual try-ons and product visualisation to interactive ad campaigns and enhanced event experiences, marketers can incorporate AR and VR into their marketing strategies, creating innovative and engaging experiences that capture the attention of their target audiences and leave a lasting impression.

4. Podcasts: The Sonic Boom Continues 🎧

Guess who’s still rocking the charts? Podcasts! 21% of Britons are podcast listeners. 

Whether you’re commuting or working out, podcasts are the go-to for insight, fresh thinking, a laugh or a friend. Marketers – consider this a golden era to tap into the audio renaissance and immerse audiences on the move.

Brands that are jumping onto the podcasting bandwagon are making their audiences feel part of the conversation – it’s a strategic move to strengthen brand-consumer relationships and drive brand sentiment.

5. Blogging’s Evergreen Charm 🖊️

Blogging, a veteran in the digital marketing game, isn’t going anywhere. Why? Because it’s the SEO powerhouse every website craves. Robust blogs mean more search potential and an easier ride through the SEO landscape. In a world of fleeting trends, blogging stands tall as a timeless strategy.

Furthermore, SubStack (a platform and app where anyone can create and share writing, generating themselves free and paid subscribers) has had success in bringing back slow-reading and long-form writing, and reviving the newsletter is further evidence that there’s still a breadth of people who crave a focused read.

How can you put this into practice? Have ‘exclusive’ and/or premium newsletter, SubStack and email content, as well as long-form video with transcript.

6. Case Studies: The New Marketing Heroes 📰

In a world saturated with noise, false promises and claims; case studies are the heroes of generating brand trust, showcasing how your business performs in the real world. 

As credibility builders and lead drivers, they’re the storytellers every brand needs. 

We don’t mean tedious decks or written reports – think endorsements on video and reels, as well as UGC.

7. Keywords Triumph Over Hashtags? 📱

The battle between keywords and hashtags on Instagram is on, and keywords are emerging victorious. 

Because social channels all have keyword search capabilities, keywords are crucial, so users are injecting keywords into and beneath their captions to enhance their content’s discoverability. 
Don’t ditch hashtags from your digital marketing entirely, as they are still followed; but pair them wisely with a relevant caption and keywords for that extra oomph.

8. Privacy and Data Protection

The robots might be listening, but consumers are vigilant! In an era of heightened privacy concerns, businesses that prioritise protecting personal information help their reputation as trustworthy custodians of customer data.

It’s not just about marketing; it’s about respecting boundaries and building trust.

And, because of cookieless sites and more privacy restrictions, looking for new user behaviour tracking solutions should be on your radar. The end of third-party cookies means that companies will no longer be able to track your online activity without your consent. This change will most likely affect how online advertising is delivered and the types of ads you see.


As we navigate marketing in 2024, it becomes evident that adaptation is key. These trends provide professionals with valuable insights to evolve their strategies in line with the changing times. 

Not sure where to start with your own strategy? We offer free Social and Website Audits so you can find out exactly what your 2024 plan requires!

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