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Website Wireframing

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Website Wireframing


Wireframes are used early in a website development project. The purpose of a Wireframe is to layout website pages and navigation and functionality of the site. It will identify the basic site structure without any visual design or content added. The Wireframe will be shown to the client for approval and from there our designers can progress with confidence.

What is a Wireframe

Wireframes look at user needs and journeys of customers. Done correctly at the beginning of the project with an aim to provide a visual understanding of the web page this process can save money and time as they reduce the number of amends needed at later stages in the website development.

A wireframe is much easier to adapt than a concept design as they are simple black and white layouts showing page elements size and position, site features, conversion areas as well as navigation for your website. Wireframes are a great way to identify if the page is fulfilling its aim for potential user as well as meeting the key business needs, if its not it can easily be amended and repositioned, so it is.

As a web project moves forward the wireframes can be used as a communication tool to move the project on.

It should be remembered that a Wireframe will be lacking in colour, logos, and design elements and will focus only on the structure of the website.

Are Wireframes Important?

Why are Wireframes Important

  • Display site Structure
  • Makes clients think about what’s needed
  • Clarifies website features
  • Identifies usability issues
  • Helps refine the Navigation
  • Easily updatable
  • Keeps Project on track
  • Give confidence to site owner and designers
  • Saves time later in the project
  • Gives understanding of functionality
  • Make content development easier
  • Help deliver core message

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