Year-End Review – What We Have Achieved In 2023

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect and celebrate the milestones, growth, and triumphs that have defined our journey at Click Through Digital over the past 12 months.

2023 has been a year filled with both personal and business achievements and exciting additions to our team, marking a new chapter in our evolution from Steve doing consultancy on his own from his kitchen table!

Welcoming New Team Members

One of the highlights of the end of the year was the addition of Sadie, our new and talented Marketing Manager, who has brought a fresh perspective and creativity to our strategies.

Danny, our intern, also joined us, infusing our team with youthful energy (where do they find it?!) and of course his infectious eagerness to learn. We made such an impact that he’s now staying until well into 2024!


On a personal level, as well as a business one, Mj, one of our marketing executives, achieved a distinction in her marketing course, showcasing the dedication and work ethic that has defined her time with us.

We could not be prouder of the effort she has shown and huge congratulations Mj! You are going to go far!

Flourishing Partnerships

We’re thrilled to have welcomed lots of exciting new clients onboard throughout the year. Collaborating with them on website builds and assisting with their marketing endeavours has been both rewarding and inspiring.

These partnerships have allowed us to explore new horizons, flex our creative muscles, and deliver helpful solutions that align with their visions.

Website Launches and Milestones

In 2023, our team accomplished a significant feat: we successfully built and launched a whopping 48 websites! Each launch represents not just a website but a culmination of dedication, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail.

These websites stand as testaments to our commitment to excellence and expertise from our development team, all tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

As we reflect on the achievements of the past year, we couldn’t possibly leave out our heartfelt gratitude to our team, as well as huge thanks to our clients for their continued support and trust.

Every accomplishment, big or small, is a testament to the dedication and team spirit that we have here at CTD.

As we step into the new year, we’re poised to build upon these successes, start new adventures, and continue creating. Here’s to an even more triumphant 2024!

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