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Social Media Marketing


Social Media marketing is huge it may not be your bag but if you’re not connected you’re missing out on the UK’s biggest market. As a social media marketing agency, we have the tools to help you with your marketing efforts

Facebook alone has 33 million UK users and that’s not mentioning any of the other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc as the other marketing channels. Here at Click Through Digital we’re passionate about all things social media and we love helping clients build a social media presence and customer engagement with their brand, social media is a brilliant yet manageable and effective way to do this.

We’ve got a great track record of increasing brand awareness and sales revenue through social media.  We love the detail and insights that social media can tell us about your customers. We don’t just look at the stats we make the data work so that your company benefits with our social strategies with our tailored plans to suit your business.


Love it or hate it you can’t ignore the number one social media platform Facebook. With its 1.37 billion daily active users! 500, 000 new users are added each day! The average user spends 20 minutes per day on Facebook. There are over 60 million active business pages but only 5 million of these businesses use Facebook advertising. Videos on Facebook are the highest rate of engagement. Facebook is a great way to communicate with your customers and gain powerful insights and analytics about your customers, your products, brand promotion, and even your competitors. Facebook is definitely one not to ignore it has massive potential for most businesses.


Twitter is another very popular online news and social media network. Twitter uses short messages (280 characters or less) these are called tweets which are sent to your followers as bite-sized news items that they will hopefully, be useful to them so, they then like and share your tweet with their own followers. You can Tweet on a daily basis, an hourly basis or basically just whenever you want. The basics of Twitter are Tweets, Retweets, following, and searching and the hashtag which is used to link to a subject/topic so when people search for that hashtag it pulls up all the conversations about the said topic. Your twitter feed will show you tweets from the people/ businesses/ brands you follow. Over 80% of millennial check Twitter at least once per day. There are approximately 330 million Twitter users and 42% of the users access their Twitter account on a daily basis!


The world’s largest professional networking site, it is business orientated and professional network for social and career networking. It’s like an online directory of professionals. It is often used to share company new and post new positions. Recruitment is often done through LinkedIn and really peoples profiles can be looked at as an online CV showing achievements, skills and endorsements. If you are looking for a new position it is a great place to look. As well as the recruitment side the platform is used to promote and tell business/ industry news


It is a social network app that focuses on imagery, sharing photos and videos usually from smartphones. Users set up a profile and then get followed by other users and those followers then see your posts. Its pretty straight forward all based around visual sharing, as a user you can like, comment, tag, and private message. As well as posting images you can also post videos up to a minute in length.

Boost & grow your business reach
with our Social Media Marketing

Passionate about all things Social. Call today to see how we can help grow your business.


It is a massive video content and sharing website. You can share and upload your own videos and watch online videos. On average 100 hours of video are added to YouTube every minute it’s all about user generated content which makes it appealing. Videos are very often cute, funny, quirky and can range from cute cats to fashion tips to recipes to wild weather and of course there are a few crazy prank ones as well. YouTube is one of the most popular websites, with visitors watching around 6 billion hours of video footage every month.


This inspirational social media platform is really like a giant digital pinboard. It’s totally free to use you just need an account to start using it. Initially you will be asked to pick some subjects/ topics to follow, which Pinterest then use to generate content in your feed that you may like. You can look at the many categories Pinterest has to offer and also check what’s current and popular. You can also set up pinboards and save images to those boards. You can comment on a pin and say if you have tried a pin. Brilliant for inspiration new ideas and following current trends.

Paid Social Advertising

Social media campaigns should not be ignored in any content marketing plan it is a very effective marketing tool. Paid social advertising is when you pay to boost promote your posts to increase their reach. There are paid options across most social media platforms. A few years ago, it was unheard of to pay for social… But things move on and change. boosted posts, display ads, and promoted tweets etc are the norm and becoming more popular than ever. Paid social advertising is still fairly reasonable so even small budgets can make your social media posts more effective.

For some time now we have seen Facebook’s organic reach in decline. So, If you’re posting as a business, you’ll have noticed your posts reach is nowhere near the number of people who like your page, which is the size of your audience. So there is a need to boost your posts to get more reach. This is called a boosted post on Facebook.

Paid Social Advertising

These boosted posts see desktop ads seeing over 8 times higher click-through rates and mobile ads seeing over 9 times higher click-through rates than normal posts. And in Twitter promoted Tweets have shown engagement rates at an average of 1-3% which is much higher much higher than traditional banner ads.

Here at Click Through Digital we specialise in setting up and creating targeted marketing campaigns on social channels that will generate great results for your business, The target market potential within Facebook and other platforms is very deep and you can drill down to exactly the right audience for your business. We have evidence that these campaigns work and have some very happy clients with some brilliant results, give us a call and see ask us how we can help with your social media advertising!

Boost & grow your business reach
with our Social Media Marketing

Passionate about all things Social. Call today to see how we can help grow your business.

You’re In Good Company


Here are some of the brands that we’ve helped in our short history.

What They Say About Us


“We’ve had a great experience with Click Through Digital. Steve’s marketing knowledge and thorough understanding of our brands has given us great and tangible results across all our websites leading to a direct increase in sales.”

Richard Potter, Managing Director | Ena Shaw Ltd

“Click Through Digital have moved our website and online marketing forward significantly after having had a couple of bad experiences with other agencies. We are delighted to have finally found a partner that knows what they are doing and have delivered what they said they would. Our confidence in the sector has been restored.” 

Chris Craddock, Director | Symfact AG

“A highly professional and fun company to work with. They had the task to build a new website for me and what a job they have done. It far surpassed anything that I had envisaged. I want to say a big thank you to Steve, Helen, Craig, Chris and Andrew for their patience, hard work and insights into making a spiritual website into one that helps explain the intricacies of House Healing visually and in a down to earth way.” 

Adrian Incledon-Webber, Dowsing Spirits

“We couldn’t be more delighted with our new website and commend all the team at Click Through Digital who have been fantastic. Following the initial meetings when we laid out what we wanted to achieve everyone was accessible on the phone and email for little tweaks and the final result gives us all the functionality and control we have asked for – from our online booking form and calendar to the management of our social media. We have received more than just a great website – we now have a far better understanding of our ‘brand’ and the Click Through team are a welcome extension to our Marketing strategy. We continue to consult with them regularly to ensure the website delivers and are very happy to recommend them.” 

Michelle & Columb, Morton House

“We have worked with Clickthrough for several years now, and they have always provided a friendly and professional service! Always willing to help achieve, and definitely on board with our business and understanding our needs.” 

Laura, Farm Adventure

“At 1st Mortgage Services we were at a cross roads with our business, we knew we needed to adopt Digital Marketing into the business but didn’t have a clue on how to do it! Stephen recommended we started with the website & built a fantastic one at that. Once this was in place we were able to plan a marketing strategy for our business for 2019. We are not a big enough business to have our own in house Marketing team but we now feel like we have one with the support of Click Through Digital Ltd. Its such a relief to be able to bounce our ideas off the professionals there and that they can then implement our ideas and put them into action. We can highly recommend Click Through Digital Ltd to support you with your business marketing needs – as you may not have the time to develop them because of actually doing your day to day business. A big Thank you from the team at 1st Mortgage Services.” 

Julie, 1st Mortgage Services

“Very many thanks to Stephen, Helen and the team at Click Through Digital for our fantastic new website. Our brief to the team was to design a technical website keeping it as simple and engaging as possible. From start to finish the team were professional and extremely helpful, resulting in a seamless transaction. We are totally delighted with the result, it’s exceeded our high expectations!” 

Andrew Jackson, Benzoates

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